Staying Safe On The Roads This Winter

Keep these tips in mind when traveling on the roads this winter season!

The winter is certainly a beautiful time of the year – snow-topped rooftops, frosted windows, streets laden with snowmen – but it’s a treacherous time of the year too, especially if you’re traveling to friends and relatives over the season. Great care needs to be taken, and that is why articles such as this one make for essential reading.

So, to both protect your car and yourself this wintertime, take a look at our tips below.

Cars traveling on icy and snowy highway

#1: Check the weather forecast

Especially when planning to travel longer distances over the winter period, you really do need to keep an eye on the weather forecast, not only for your local area but for the areas that make up your journey too. If you hear news of snowstorms, blizzards, and roads blocked off due to the snow, you should postpone your travel plans or, at the very least, consider other forms of travel. You will be safer if you do!

#2: Carry the essentials

These are the things you shouldn’t leave home without, especially when you consider the potentially dangerous conditions you will be driving in.

Whether you opt for new or used tires, your car not only needs to be fitted with those that are winter-proof, but you need to carry a winter spare too. You should also have a supply of blankets in case of a breakdown – you will need to keep warm – as well as a first-aid kit should you get injured in a road accident. Jumper cables will come in handy should your car battery die, a flashlight will be useful if you break down in the dark, and you really should bring a phone charger with you to juice up your phone for the purposes of emergency calls.

There is much you need to carry, so download this winter survival kit, and add the items suggested to your travel checklist. 

#3: Winterize your car

If you’re not particularly car savvy, it’s always worth seeing a mechanic for qualified advice on how to winterize your car. And you should probably get your car serviced anyway, as if there are any faults, they can be dealt with before your winter journey.

However, there are tasks you should be able to do yourself. For one, you need to check the tire pressure on your wheels and then blow them up to the correct level. This will reduce the risk of a blowout. You should top up your radiator with antifreeze if the coolant level is below the full-line on the reservoir. You should replace your wipers too, as faulty wipers will prove problematic when the snow falls. And you should also check your car battery and give it a charge if needed. Here’s how you do it. Replace it if it doesn’t hold a charge. 

For more, check your driver’s manual, and do as we suggested and seek the advice of a professional. 

#4: Know how to drive safely

Of course, you should know how to drive safely anyway. However, with potentially icy roads ahead, there is more you need to do to stay safe when driving. Check out these safety tips to ensure you don’t navigate the roads like an ice skating noob!

Stay safe on the roads while traveling this holiday season!

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