Stop Overly Criticizing Yourself

Discover how to stop overly criticizing yourself!

If the things you told yourself were actually spoken to you by a friend, would you continue a friendship with that person? Some may. Some may not. It’s important to consider that we are often our own harshest critic.

Think about it. You likely have an insecurity, perhaps about your personality or body image that only you have ever mentioned to yourself, and no one else has ever even noticed or brought up. Perhaps you think your nose is just a few millimeters too long, or you dislike the color of your natural hair, or you feel too short or tall.

Stop Overly Criticizing Yourself

Most things, without an aesthetic change or surgery, you cannot change. And even if you could with a click of your fingers, would that person still be you? It’s important to consider this, but more than that, it’s important to consider your self talk. Do you overly criticize yourself at every chance you get? If so – why is this? It’s an important question to ask, and may help you value yourself more thoroughly should you take this to its natural final conclusion. 

With that in mind, let us consider some healthy tips to to stop criticizing yourself:

Give Yourself More Credit

Instead of fighting your negative self-talk, replacing it with positive self-talk could be the best trick going forward. Think about something that makes you proud of yourself and expound on that feeling. Perhaps you didn’t ace the workout you had hoped for today. But you showed up to the gym that morning. You started. You had good intentions. You scheduled another time you would come and try when you weren’t feeling so tired. That shows inner strength, as you only ever really fail when you give up, and you are far from doing that. When you give yourself more credit, you are able to feel more like the powerful person you actually are.

Understand Your Options

No matter if researching pregnancy rates for your IVF clinic, trying to figure out which career is best for you, developing a business proposal for your job or generally trying to move ahead with that next big life change, it’s important to note that understanding your options should not make you feel guilty. We can often feel put out as if we do not deserve to search for that which makes us happy, as if this is somehow too much to ask in the first place. Of course, we understand that this is not the case, and moving forward is more than possible should you prioritize your action correctly. But first – let yourself have those goals and dreams.


Let’s say you tell a joke and it fails to land. Are you an awful person? No. Perhaps your companion didn’t hear it, or didn’t have the right references to understand it. Perhaps they were tired, or simply didn’t have compatible humor. Something that may happen aside from your expectations doesn’t mean you are a bad or insufficient person. It simply means your perception may be a little different to others, and vice versa. When you understand this, you can relax a little, and stop criticizing yourself.

With this advice, we hope you can begin to love what you are, instead of criticizing yourself.

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