Stressed About The Pandemic?

Are you feeling stressed about the pandemic? Get a few of your key questions answered here and relieve some worry!

It’s possible that right now you are feeling stressed about the coronavirus pandemic that is currently impacting the world on a global scale. Well, you are certainly not alone. A lot of people are feeling stressed and even depressed, particularly due to the current lockdown and isolation measures in place. Some people haven’t seen key family members in more than a month. So, let’s answer some key questions that you might have based on the research currently available.

Woman Holding Feather Pen Stressed about the Pandemic

How Likely Are You To Contract This Disease?

Unfortunately, there is a high chance that you might contract this disease at some point this year. This disease is highly contagious which is why governments have been so strict with social distancing measures. A lot of the current measures in place are likely to stop the spread of the disease and reduce the chances of people getting infected. We have already seen numerous countries and locations successfully flatten the curve or cease the spread completely. Both China and New Zealand have the disease under complete control. However, it is worth noting that China was the first country to be impacted so they should be ahead and New Zealand has certain geographical advantages. 

Why Are There Differences In Terms Of Spread And Mortality Rates Across The World?

While it can not be said conclusively, there are a few key reasons why rates of this disease are different across the world. First, there’s the level of testing. There are more cases in certain countries because certain countries are testing more than others. There’s size too. One of the reasons that America has a high level of cases is because they are one of the largest countries. It also seems to be related to demographics. For instance, Italy has one of the largest elderly populations in the world. So, it does make sense that their fatality rate is higher than in a location like France. The incubation period which is quite long is also causing a lot of cases of this virus to be missed completely, particularly when a patient is asymptomatic. 

There have also been key research to suggest that there are currently multiple strains of the virus. However, this can not be confirmed completely. 

When Will It End?

The good news is that most cases have now seen the worst of what is likely to be the first wave of the virus. This is why we are starting to see restrictions in lockdown measures through social distancing will remain in place for the foreseeable future. We won’t be completely free of the virus until a vaccine has been created and this may not occur until 2021. Before this happens, there is the chance of a second wave. However, it may be possible to prevent this if social distancing remains, even as countries reopen. Most governments agree we are in this for the long haul however there are clear signs we can control the spread. 

What Are The Chances Of Ending Up In Hospital?

Finally, if you are young and healthy it is unlikely that you will end up in the hospital. Most people with no underlying health conditions will have only mild symptoms and may not even notice that they have this virus. Social distancing measures are largely in place to protect the most vulnerable individuals in our society. 

If you’re feeling stressed about the pandemic, I hope that some of your key questions have been answered so you can get back to relaxing!

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