Stylish Ideas For Decorating A Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom in your home has its perks. You spend less of your time cleaning it, you don’t have an excessive amount of bathroom products, and you have more room in your home for spaces like your kitchen in which you spend more time. A small bathroom, however, can present challenges when it comes to decorating.

You want to make an aesthetic impact in this space, but its limited size can make any design choice seem overwhelming. Yet, making major expansions or structural changes is pricey and with the average person moving 12 times in their lifetime, you’re probably not sold on investing that much into a home you’ll eventually leave behind. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable changes you can make that will transform your plain bathroom into a lovely oasis.

A fresh coat of paint

This isn’t a revolutionary idea, but a fresh coat of paint never fails to spruce up a drab room. A simple makeover like this can also go far in making your home more valuable, as homes that are rehabbed typically sell twice as fast as those that are not. Just be sure to choose a paint color that will appeal to a wide range of people. Calming colors like a pale blue, green, or yellow evoke a relaxing atmosphere that you want to enter when you go to the bathroom.

If you’re not concerned about how others view your bathroom and want something a little bolder, try making a statement with bold wallpaper. A popular trend right now is an oversized floral print on a background of dots or stripes. In bold and bright colors, this mix of patterns instantly gives a small bathroom personality and doesn’t break the bank.

Fix the ugly floor

The problem area for many bathrooms is the floor. No matter what you do to the walls, that outdated tile design makes the space feel stale. With American households owing $9.12 trillion in mortgage debt, tearing out that ugly floor and replacing it with a new one may not be in the financial cards. Rather than embarking on an extensive renovation, head to your local home improvement store for affordable — and reversible — options.

Try water-resistant vinyl floor cloth with a pattern that you like. This cloth is easy to lay down and you can cut it to fit your space. Interlocking rubber floor tiles are also a great option for transforming your bathroom floor. These tiles are typically available in many colors and you can easily secure them to the existing floor with carpet tape.

Replace the hardware

The knobs, pulls, and faucets in your bathroom may seem insignificant but they influence the look of the room more than you think. When choosing the new drawer handles or sink faucet to go in your bathroom, consider pewter and gunmetal. These options aren’t as limiting as the traditional brass and gold but aren’t as harsh as pure black, another trendy color for bathroom hardware. If you’re at a loss for ideas, consider looking to your favorite interior design magazines for inspiration.

By swapping out the existing hardware in your bathroom for new pieces, you’ll give your bathroom an instant facelift. Making this change now can also save you money on a costly remodel later. The U.S. economy spends almost $300 billion on metal corrosion every year. You can avoid the expenses associated with remedying the damage from corrosion by replacing bathroom hardware before it becomes an issue.

Choose a minimalistic style

While any design style can work in a small space if it is minimal enough, some styles lend themselves more to this approach than others. As your bathroom already has limited space, it is important to veer more towards the minimalistic side so that you don’t overwhelm the eye. And if you want your home to sell in less than the market average of three weeks, choosing a minimalistic style could be a selling point.

Contemporary and modern styles tend to be minimalistic. Their sleek and streamlined nature will help create a bathroom that is calming rather than overstimulating. Rustic and country styles can still work well in a small bathroom, but you will want to be conscious in the decorative choices you make with these more adornment-heavy styles.

Add some plants

About 30% of households purchase at least one houseplant, so why not put that piece of nature in your home’s relaxing oasis? Place a few potted plants on your windowsill or even on any open tile space surrounding your bathtub. If you don’t have the surface space, hang a plant from the ceiling in a macrame hanger.

The most important thing to remember for your leafy green friends is that they receive enough sunlight in the bathroom. Those with plenty of natural light flooding into the bathroom don’t have to worry as much, but a limited amount of light means that you should get some shade-loving houseplants. And if you really want more light in your bathroom, consider new windows. For $300 to $700 per window, you could really brighten up your space. Either way, a few plants are sure to brighten your small space with beautiful color and texture.

No matter which decorative method you choose, be sure to create a design that speaks to your personality and tastes. It may be a small space, but you still have the unique opportunity to express yourself through interior design. At the end of the day, even a tiny bathroom should feel like a welcome escape from the outside world where you can take a deep breath and relax.

Check out this example of a gorgeous bathroom makeover by Marty at A Stroll Thru Life!

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