Summer Travel: How to Prepare for the Changes


Summer travel is a lot different this year. Discover a few ways you can prepare for the changes as you begin to resume travel plans.

Woman using hand sanitizer showing one of the many changes to summer travel

While some of us may have opted to reschedule our holidays for this year, there are some people who are still hitting the road through their holiday operators either abroad or staying within their own country. Knowing how to stay sensible doesn’t take too much preparation; we have all clearly understood the guidelines of our government’s information, and you should be sure to note the regulations relating to Covid 19 if you choose to travel this summer. However, aside from maintaining impeccable hygiene and using masks where possible, there are other issues that may arise and may need to be dealt with. If you’re travelling with kids, it’s good to note the best way to cope with some of these common issues.

Luggage issues

Losing your luggage is not a nice thing to happen, but it should be covered in the long run on your travel insurance- one of the main reasons why travel insurance is so valuable. However, it is known that upto five percent of luggage is lost every year. Mainly, this is due to connecting flights. So, if you have a direct flight, you shouldn’t need to worry. Lost luggage does usually turn up, but there is a way to avoid it becoming a complete nightmare. Don’t pack cases by person if you are traveling in a group. Instead, make sure everyone has at least one outfit in each case. If you take a carry on, have your essentials in there and be sure that you can access them and buy on the road if you need. Keep your most sacred possessions on you. 

Dental havoc

Sometimes, we have that nagging toothache that just won’t go away. Perhaps we chip a tooth on a hard cracker, or we are struggling with wisdom teeth. This can be a difficult situation to deal with no matter where you are, so being prepared for a Dental Emergency is vital. Arming yourself with enough knowledge about things that could happen and the ways in which you can deal with them, including treatment and what medicines to take, could really assist you. Some dentists will not be operating during the Covid 19 crisis and if you’re abroad, these rules can vary. 

Staying healthy & fit on the road 

Think of your health. Packing up your vitamins is really important if you’re travelling. Ensure that you take the vitamins with you and look at what vitamins you may need to take. Vitamin C is a supplement that can be taken by anyone and is a very universal vitamin that contributes to a stronger immune system which is important during these times. Take a water bottle with you to fill up at the airport. Some airlines aren’t offering drinks and snacks on board, so it’s important that you stock up beforehand, and if you have children, you could opt for creating some fun and healthy snacks for them to peck on during the flight, car ride or train journey. Hydration is always key and if you bear that in mind, it will assist you this summer greatly. 

How has your summer travel plans changed? Share with us below!

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