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Gurunanda Aromatherapy

From farm to you, GuruNanda brings top quality essential oils into your home — and now even places beyond your home! I have been exploring the benefits of essential oils for a couple years and now I can enjoy them in my car, the office, and more. Find out why the Natural Mist™ is my new favorite home accessory!


GuruNanda Natural Mist™ is a USB powered Essential Oil Diffuser that sprays 100% Pure Essential Oil Mist. No water is required and your oils are diffused directly from the bottle. Simply remove the plug in your bottle, gently but tightly screw the bottle into the diffuser, plug in, and set your desired spray interval. Spray intervals can be set to 10 or 20 minutes. 

GuruNanda Natural Mist™

In addition to being able to plug the diffuser into the wall-plug, the Natural Mist™ can be connected to any USB port, including your laptops! Working in an office and on a computer for 90% of my day, I frequently experience headaches. One of my favorite oils to use is Peppermint – it eliminates my headache, clears my nasal passages, and provides a clean, comforting scent that helps create a calming effect. 

The Essential Oils

Natural Mist

I was sent two bottles of oils including Tea Tree Oil and Orange. There are several other options available to meet your personal desires and needs. From seed, to distilling, to the final testing and bottling, you can rest assured that each product is created on a therapeutic, high-quality level and available at affordable prices. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil Benefits: Soothes Itchy Skin Aids Faster Healing for Cut and Bruises Soothes Skin Breakout


Refreshes and Uplifts Cleanses and Purifies Enhance Immunity 

A Safe Solution

Many of the air fresheners you’ll find on the market today spray mists that are created using chemicals. These chemicals are harmful and you can continue breathing them in up to six hours after they’ve been sprayed into the air. The GuruNanda mist is 100% pure and chemical-free.

The revolutionary Natural Mist™ is a first of its kind in the market. Grab one today for $25.00 and begin enjoying the extensive amount of benefits to essential oils everywhere you go!

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  1. I SOOOOOO want one of these! I travel a lot and it would be perfect!

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