Taking Your Kids to Their First Gig

For many parents, a gig is the rite of passage you’ve been waiting for! Concerts are a key part of life for many, and while you were once an average gig-goer, since your children came along it has thrown your love of moshing firmly to the side. But now, your kids are old enough, so you want to introduce them to their first gig. So how can you do this? Here are a few little tips. 

People at a concert / gig

Ticket Purchases Are a Military Operation

You’ve got to be swift when it comes to getting tickets, whether it’s for Taylor Swift or Genesis, and while there are companies like Tickets On Sale that show you what’s going on because when you are ready to buy, you’ve got to be fast! If you know a certain artist is going to be releasing tickets, join up to whatever mailing lists are available. 

Arm Them With Knowledge 

You have got your tickets, so what next? The next thing is to make sure that your kids and yourself are around with the relevant knowledge. If you are taking your kids to a gig for them, you may not want to become so acquainted with the minuscule details of their favorite artist. But it’s an experience for you and your child to savor together, so why don’t you throw yourself in wholeheartedly? If you are taking your kids to a gig that is not to their taste, don’t be surprised if they are not too impressed, but the least you can do is help them absorb the music by playing it in the car (which, no doubt, you already do!)

Prepare Them for What Actually Happens at a Concert or Gig

A concert is an incredibly exciting thing, but the reality is that you encounter many questionable characters, and understandably, you may feel a little bit reluctant to take your kids. But if they’re old enough and they want to go to gigs, it’s best to arm them with the relevant knowledge. When they are teeny boppers, they may not be tall enough to see what’s going on in the game, in which case, getting them tiered seating could bypass a lot of issues. It’s a safer area than actually down in the pits with the crowd.

Have a Backup Plan

For all of the plans you put in place, one of the biggest nightmares is losing contact with your kids, they may end up walking towards the front of the crowd, or they may get lost on the way back from the bathroom, or even you might find yourself stuck in the queue for the bar. Make sure you’ve got a backup plan so you can arrange to meet at a safe spot, or be sure that they’ve got their phone on them. No doubt they will ready for pictures, but make sure it is fully charged!

In many ways it is similar to going on vacation,  you have to look after them, and make sure that they have the knowledge if you aren’t there. Their first gig should be exciting, so just make sure they know how to keep themselves safe. 

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