Teaching Your Children to Expect the Unexpected

 Have you spent time teaching your children to expect the unexpected? A lot has happened during the years 2020 and 2021, some areas within the US had massive floods, ice storms, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and all of this was topped with the COVID-19 pandemic.  It’s difficult, to say the least, but it’s best to begin teaching children about emergencies and expecting the unexpected. Since these unexpected situations can come up at any given notice, no matter what the age of the child it’s always important to just try and get a head start on this.

This also gives your child the opportunity to fully grasp and get a general understanding of what life is trying to throw at them. You’re not always going to be around to assess a situation, but it’s best to allow your child to get started on this. Critical thinking is key to adult development and teaching about preparing for the unexpected.

Unexpected Desperate Screaming Young Boy

First, begin teaching your children how to properly access a situation of the unexpected

Children like to jump headfirst into situations, this is something that differs from adults. Adults know to immediately assess the situation and begin thinking of what is happening as well as a solution.  It’s best to begin teaching children that they need to properly begin by looking into the situation that is needed. This is going to allow them to improve their problem-solving skills against the unexpected. This is also the step where it’s best to teach your child about 911 and about the urgent care facility.

Some exercises you can do with them when it comes to assessing a situation can include:

  • Teaching them how to figure out what exactly is happening
  • Help them in breaking down the situation
  • What can be immediately done right now?
  • What will make this situation better?
  • What is the best plan of action for creating a solution?

Second Teach them that time and money are important

When it comes to emergencies, it may be odd to think that money matters, but it can be just as important as time. As adults know, sometimes these unforeseen emergencies can be solved just through finances or having additional time. Teaching your children about a household budget can help improve their perception of the importance of money. This also teaches them a valuable lesson on how they need to learn about budgeting and saving their money. The same can be said about time as well. This will teach them how to better allocate their time.

Third, teach them where the important things are at home

Having your child gain a better understanding of emergencies will help them in trying to assess and solve a crisis. This includes letting them know the best course of action and where needed tools are to help in an emergency. This includes letting them know where the fire extinguisher is and when it needs to be used (as well as how to use it), how to call 911 and what to say in an emergency, what to do if they’re in danger, and how to stay calm in scary situations. It’s so important to teach your children these exercises for the unexpected.

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