Teen Scared to Drive? 5 Tips to Get Them Behind the Wheel

Learning how to drive may not come easily to everyone, so if your teen is hesitant, they’re among many others. It’s important to be patient with them and guide them to safe driving, and you will be happy when they’re finally comfortable behind the wheel. Read the five tips below to get them behind the wheel and ensure their safety at all times.

Teach By Example

It’s well-known that children learn best by example, so set the best example you can by driving well and safely whenever you’re out and about with your family. Follow road rules and avoid aggressive behavior because your teen will likely pick up on these and end up being a less-than-ideal driver. Always indicate when necessary and don’t drive too close behind other drivers. When you consistently do these things, it will be easier to instruct your teenager to do the same while they drive. Hit-and-run drivers caused 5.9% of car crash injuries, 138,000 of them to be precise. Teaching your teen to drive well by example can help them stay calm enough to avoid hitting anyone.

Don’t Push Them

While you may be eager to get your teen behind the wheel, they may not be ready just yet. If they don’t show the initiative to drive after you have availed the opportunity to them and they have reached the right age, give them some time. They will eventually come around when they’re ready and you won’t have to deal with an anxious teen on the road, which is a safety hazard. This is because a good driver is a relaxed one who is able to focus on their surroundings rather than be anxious and unprepared.

Show Them Safety Tips and Videos Online

With about 1.8 billion websites operating simultaneously throughout the world each day, you have a wealth of helpful videos and advice online which you can share with your teen. If you have noticed that they remember instructions from videos better than anything else, make sure to find good ones online and watch them together. Doing this will help them to feel more in control when they get behind the wheel.

Drive in Good Weather

It’s important to be focused on the road and stay aware of your surroundings at all times while driving. For a new driver, this is hard enough to do in good conditions, so don’t add the hurdle of bad weather to the mix. Always set your teen’s driving lessons to be during the day and in sunny, clear weather. You may have other plans as a family, but these can be done later in the day so your teen can take advantage of the good weather for their driving lessons.

This is also a good time to discuss insurance. You will want to have your teen’s car insurance under your name, but the cost will be different because they are younger. You will want to research the teenage car insurance average cost before locking onto any insurance plan.

Get Them a Reasonable Car

Finally, if you’re ready to get a car for your teen, make sure to pick a moderately priced one that’s safe and comfortable enough. Flashy additions can literally take a back seat because they only serve the purpose of aesthetics for the most part, and for an additional cost. Get good insurance as well and remind them to always take safety measures and control their car. This should not be too hard to do as, every year, almost 40 million used cars exchange hands between dealerships and private-party sales.

If you have a teen in the family and you feel that this is the right time for them to start getting comfortable behind the wheel, follow the five tips above. Doing this will enable you to impart good skills effectively and help put a good driver on the roads.

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