The Anti-Cookbook – A Handy Gift for Your Grad!


The Anti-Cookbook – Easy, Thrifty Recipes for Food-Smart Living

The Anti-Cookbook - Easy, Thrifty Recipes for Food-Smart Living

The Anti-Cookbook inverts the idea that cooking is simply about following a recipe. A “cookbook” method of completing a task implies a mundane, thoughtless process. This book seeks to do the opposite — to inspire readers to think creatively about making meals and independently about the deeper issues surrounding food and nourishment.

The authors want readers to see the sweetness of committing to themselves, to locally sourced ingredients and wholesome recipes, to sitting down to a homemade meal instead of dialing one up or paying someone else to cut the broccoli. If you have found yourself too often eating out of a bag or ordering up take-out, indulge yourself with our food-positive philosophy. Cook better, eat right, be well.

The Anti-Cookbook is a perfect gift to give to your child headed to college who will be cooking on their own for the first time. Written by two old college roommates, the book is filled with hilarious stories about them learning to cook, and then teaching their own children how to cook. Most importantly, the Anti-Cookbook shows that creating meals doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

The Anti-Cookbook also:

•    Breaks down recipes in an easy to follow format
•    Shows how cooking doesn’t need to be complex
•    Reminds us that food is not only nourishment, but a chance to sit around the table, share stories and create memories

I was blessed to have grandparents and parents who encouraged my love for cooking and good food. Not all kids have a home where cooking is common. Our busy schedules have eliminated the need by providing quick, easy meal via drive-thru or delivery service. My home-cooked meals can always use a few new recipes as well as a tweak to help lower sodium levels. While designed to help those who don’t cook to rethink the cooking process, this book is perfect for seasoned cooks, too!

The Anti-Cookbook is for the cook who needs a gentle nudge to start thinking out of the box when it comes to creating meals. Shelley and Rebecca not only give us delicious recipes, but they also show us that it’s the journey that’s inspiring the dishes. The duo are moms who understand the challenges of trying to get the kids to eat healthfully, with the eventual goal that they’ll be cooking for themselves (cooking, that is, food that doesn’t have the word “ramen” in it), as well as working women who know the value of time and money. If you are interested in the complexity of food choices, then you’ve picked up the right book.

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