The Benefits Of Getting More Seasonal With Your Meals

While nowadays, we might be used to picking up everything we want at the store throughout most of the year, the truth is that humanity has spent most of its existence eating only what is seasonal. While a little choice certainly makes life a lot easier nowadays, there are benefits to eating seasonally that we might be missing. Here are a few worth considering.

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A Person Holding a Purple Cabbage for seasonal meals

Spend less on your meals

Seasonal ingredients are going to cost less than others for a variety of reasons. For one, there are more of them available, so their prices drop to make sure that farmers can sell them all. They don’t cost as much to store and transport, since they’re often sold very locally, too. Aside from helping you save on your food, it also supports your local economy. The best place to buy seasonal is from the farmer’s markets, after all.

Get ingredients at their freshest and tastiest

While genetically modified foods and CO2 storage might not make your food unhealthy or dangerous in any way, there’s no denying that the longer you have food sitting around, even if it is well-maintained, it’s going to lose some of its taste. As such, when you buy seasonal foods, you’re often buying them directly off the truck from the local farm that they came from, making them fresher and, as a result, a lot more flavorful.

Ensure better nutrition for the body

When your food doesn’t have to make as much of a journey, they also don’t lose as much of the nutrition that they have. If you’re looking for ways to make healthy eating a lot easier, then buying whatever is on offer at your farmer’s market is always going to be a good idea. Aside from getting foods when they are fresher, you’re committing to buying more whole food ingredients, which is always going to be more nutritious than buying processed or frozen meals that use the same food types.

Get more creative with your cooking

Not only are there a ton of practical benefits, but your cooking could improve as a result of buying seasonal goods, as well. There are companies like Superior Farms that share seasonal recipes that can help you try out ingredients that you don’t get to use as often. You can enjoy a lot more diversity in your meals throughout the year while also getting to know a few new favorites.

Eating seasonal is better for the environment

The factors that allow us to eat foods all year round, such as better transportation of fresh foods and the ability to sustain them for longer through genetic modification and the use of carbon dioxide in the storage process, are also what make the food industry so bad for the environment. Eating seasonally reduces your carbon footprint through your diet, as shown by Terrapass.

Seasonal foods are always available, so there’s no better time than the present to start. Take a look around your local farmers’ markets to see what’s on offer. You might just find the habit sticking in the long term.

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