The Best Way To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Do you know the best way to clean stainless steel appliances? With the holidays right around the corner and on a fast approach, it’s time to buckle down and begin getting your home in order. One of the many things that you no doubt have on your ever-growing to-do list is cleaning. If you have a busy family, then you likely have a busy kitchen. That naturally leads to more rinsing, scrubbing, soaking, and polishing.

Silver French Door Refrigerator Beside Stainless Gas Range Oven

On the topic of polishing, what is the state of your stainless steel appliances? Homeowners generally love the look of these attractive and purposeful devices; however, cleaning them can lead to displeasure and discontent. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean stainless steel appliances, look no further. An impressively easy and environmental way to tackle the job is with a humble microfiber cloth or two. It’s really that easy, and your kids can help, too. Once you try cleaning your appliances this way you’ll never go back to your old methods. This process takes less time, energy, and money to accomplish, and you can reuse the microfiber cloths for years to come. It’s a win all around.

Ten-Minute Cleaning Challenge

And while you’re in cleaning mode, try the Ten-Minute Cleaning Challenge, because who doesn’t need a little more guidance and help to point you in the right direction for a cleaner home? Sometimes inspiration and a clear path can lead to less frustration in tasks like cleaning. It seems that every time we turn around, there are more crumbs, a little more dust, and just something that needs cleaning. Cleaning is inevitable, so try to make it easier and reduce the stress that it may bring.

Benefits of cleaning

There are enough challenges in your life right now. Make sure you take some time for yourself after you make your holiday cleaning, baking, and gifting plans. Give yourself the gift of relaxation. Whether that is in the form of a stress-reducing warm bubble bath, talking with a loved one over the phone, reading an entertaining page-turner, or spending time with your family, be sure to find something that makes you happy. That happiness sometimes comes in the form of cleaning. Many people find the act of swiping a cloth across an appliance to see a clean and fingerprint-free surface to be cathartic and relaxing.

Another benefit of cleaning is that it can provide you with exercise. If you do it with movement and momentum, the act of cleaning will really get your body in motion to provide you with endorphins (those happy feeling hormones). Try cleaning one room on a different floor and then running down the stairs for a little calorie burning and heart rate pick up. Challenge yourself to move to some upbeat and uplifting music, all the while getting your house in a cleaner state.

While you’re cleaning, remember to brighten the task with a favorite podcast, some swooning and crooning holiday tunes, or even that long-forgotten French language tutorial. Make cleaning fun and enjoyable instead of a dreaded chore. When you walk into your kitchen, take the time to enjoy your efforts and beautiful fingerprint free stainless steel appliances before welcoming guests to join in your holiday meal, even if it is on Zoom.

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