The Changing Face Of The Coffee Market

The coffee market is constantly changing. Are you up to date on the trends? As a daily part of my life, coffee trends have become important to me!

Have you noticed that mobile coffee vans are becoming an increasingly common sight across the country in recent years? It’s not really that much of a surprise when you consider that attitudes to coffee are changing. Our fascination with good quality coffee is on the up and you can’t walk down the high street without seeing at least one of the big-brand name coffee shops wherever you go.

The Changing Face Of The Coffee Market

It’s estimated that visitors to coffee shops drink well in excess of 2 billion cups of coffee every year and the trend is still growing. Fewer people now drink instant coffee at home – a rising number are buying specialist equipment so they don’t have to do without their favorite blend at any time of the day or night. We have also seen a rise in specialist coffees, like poop coffee, which has a very interesting back story and provides a taste that is unique and of a very high quality. 

So caffeine consumers’ expectations are rising – not just about the quality of the beverages they drink, but also the widespread availability. Therefore, any location where you fail to find good quality, gourmet coffee is likely to be a place you avoid like the plague if you get the opportunity. This can have particular relevance for companies trying to attract new business through events such as conferences and exhibitions. We’re not saying people won’t turn up if you don’t provide proper coffee, but a lack of decent refreshments can certainly affect the length of time you retain your audience’s attention. 

Given that you can’t exactly plan a large event in a coffee shop, how do you meet your delegates’ thirst for coffee? Simple: employ the services of a mobile coffee van or mobile coffee stall. Good event organizers will use every trick at their disposal to meet their attendees’ needs. And that includes caffeine. 

Why we’re seeing more coffee vans at events

Coffee machines for mobile vans offer a great way to provide terrific tasting coffee for those on-the-go at festivals or live events. From smartly-dressed business people to mud-stained festival goers, everyone appreciates the comfort of a great-tasting coffee. But there’s so much more to it.

The true value of a mobile coffee stall or mobile coffee van is measured before it even arrives at the event. People who run these types of mobile catering businesses well will have done their homework. First, the coffee bean matters. This isn’t just in regards to the quality and taste that it provides (although this is extremely important too), but where it came from. In today’s world, more and more people are becoming concerned about where their produce is sourced from and whether or not someone has been exploited in the manufacturing or growing process. A good catering company will be all too aware of how coffee growers can be unfairly recompensed for their hard work

So always look out for a company – whether providing hot drinks or otherwise – that has high standards of ethics when sourcing its ingredients. Then it’s time to rate the quality of coffee and select the few brands that will appeal to most people. Finding the right catering equipment and baristas is vital to ensure that the coffee is made to a professional standard. It’s these considerations, among others, that can help explain why so many event organizers value a good coffee company – because they know they’re going to get quality coffee before they’ve even tasted it.

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