The Dos and Don’ts of Drinking Coffee

It’s no secret that coffee is the most popular drink in the world. The average person drinks three cups a day, but not all of them are drinking it correctly. Coffee has its own set of dos and don’ts that people should be aware of to get the best outcome from their cup. This post will go over some helpful tips on how to make coffee like a pro!

Cups of coffee with varying additives of cream and sugar - drinking coffee

Avoid Using Other Stimulants when Drinking Coffee

Avoid using other stimulants in your coffee like tea or chocolate bars, as they can lead to caffeine overdose. Coffee brewing is technical; therefore, ensure you understand what you need before beginning so that you get the best out of it, from grinding beans at home with a hand grinder to buying pre-ground ones already packaged. 

Coffee Brewing Is Technical, Therefore Ensure You Understand What You Need

There are several steps that you need to follow for practical coffee brewing. First, you should filter the water and keep it at a temperature between 195°F and 205°F, grind roasted beans properly, and look into the proper ratio of the grounds to the volume of the brewed coffee required.

Trying out different types of coffees from various brands is another critical step as this will help you understand how each brand tastes before making up your mind on which blend you want to buy next time around. You also need to choose the best coffee maker to ensure your coffee is perfect. The clean Nespresso vertuoline ranks highest in this department, and it will give you the desired results. 

Choose a Suitable Accompaniment

It is best to consume coffee when it has a compatible accompaniment. It does not necessarily have to be another beverage, but other foods or treats can also work well as long as they don’t take away from what coffee brings you and vice versa. You want each part of your cup to complement the others so that everything works in unison with each other. Good coffee accompaniments are bread, cakes, muffins, or vanilla ice cream (especially if you’re drinking espresso).

You can enjoy coffee best with a sweet accompaniment such as chocolate or caramel because coffee has an alkalizing effect on the body and can taste astringent when combined with acidic foods like citrus fruits or tomato sauce. 

Be Careful With What You Add to Your Coffee

Many people think that dairy milk goes well in coffee, but this too will harm your health. Milk binds to the caffeine molecules in coffee which prevents them from being entirely absorbed by your system. Because you need all those caffeine molecules for energy, opt for soy milk instead! When choosing milk alternatives, it’s essential to ensure they are organic, so you don’t end up consuming harmful chemicals along with your daily dose of caffeine!

It is common to add sugar or milk to your coffee, but you should be careful with what you use. Sugar can make people addicted to its sweetness, and it may lead them to diabetes. On the other hand, some types of caffeine-free milk contain many artificial substances that are not suitable for health. Thus, adding these additives might have adverse effects on your body and mind, so avoid doing that if possible!

Also, try to keep away from too much cream as this ingredient contains unhealthy fats such as saturated fat that could increase blood cholesterol levels leading to heart diseases. However, there are many alternatives available now, like skimmed milk or almond drinks that will provide a watery taste instead of a creamy one without causing any damage to your body.


In conclusion, coffee is a great way to add some flavor and energy to your day. However, you should be careful about what you drink because it can negatively impact your health and well-being if you don’t do it properly. In addition, some certain dos & don’ts come with drinking coffee, so remember these as well for you to enjoy every sip of this delicious beverage!

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