The Importance of Meal Planning and Prepping

When we think of meal planning and meal prepping, we tend to think of gym goers who are sticking to a strict diet of measured out proteins, macros and more. But this isn’t the only group of individuals who meal planning and meal prepping can help. Instead, these are activities and habits that can actually help the majority of people to lead happier and healthier lives through a healthy and balanced diet. Here’s some more information on the subject to help you determine whether you want to get involved!

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Meal Planning is Easy!

Let’s start with meal planning. Meal planning is when you decide what meals you are going to have throughout the week in advance. You will create a schedule detailing what meals you will want on each day and then you can use your schedule to conduct a food shop at the start of the week, securing all the ingredients you need. This then allows you to simply create the meals you have planned each day without having to wonder what you’re going to eat or having to go to the grocery store each day to pick up ingredients for your evening meal. Now, there are countless benefits to meal planning.

First and foremost, you can make healthy choices and ensure that you have everything you need in and ready. This prevents you from leaning heavily on convenience foods, which are often packed with additives, fillers, excess fats and high levels of salt and sugar.

Secondly, you never face the dilemma of “what’s for dinner”. Instead, you can simply get home, check your schedule and know what you’re going to be cooking up.

Thirdly, you can save money and reduce waste. You might decide that on Monday, you’re going to have chicken leek pie. Then you can plan a leek and potato soup for lunch and chicken, mash and vegetables for dinner on the Tuesday to use up the leftover ingredients.

Meal Prepping

Meal prepping involves preparing elements of your planned meals, or whole planned meals, in advance of the time you’re going to actually eat them. As you can imagine, this is extremely good for saving time. It tends to be a popular practice amongst busy people, who can prepare their meals in advance and then simply eat them as and when they’re ready. It helps you to make healthy choices, as your healthy meals will already be ready, rather than you coming home and ordering junk food.

Meal prepping helps you make healthy choices in other ways too. You can prep your meals when you’re not hungry, allowing you to make sensible and informed decisions about portion size, rather than being influenced by hunger and preparing too much.

Now, there are various ways to meal prep. You can spend a Sunday chopping ingredients, marinating ingredients or cooking up meals for the week ahead. Alternatively, you can use tools like slow cookers to prep your meals throughout the day, ready for when you want to eat them in the evening.

As you can see, there are huge advantages to both meal planning and meal prepping when you’re trying to lead a healthier life. See how they work for you and feel their benefits before you know it!

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