The Psychological Benefits of Home Cooking


It’s probably fair to say that most people can easily think of a bunch of potential benefits to home cooking a meal from scratch, rather than buying it premade from the store. 

When you home cook your own meals, for example, you know exactly what you’re putting into them (or, at least, you should). This means that you can make a meal significantly healthier without having to worry about strange additives finding their way into your food.

It’s much easier to make sure that home-cooked meals are properly balanced, as well, and that the ingredients used are high-quality – rather than simply being whatever was most affordable for the company who made the processed snack you found in the grocery store.

Interesting enough, a few of the real benefits of home cooking your meals are actually psychological.

Stop by, get yourself a high quality set of kitchen utensils, and prepare for a feel-good culinary experience.

Here are a few of the psychological benefits of home cooking.

Getting to provide for the people closest to you

Human beings are naturally social and community focused, and even the most introverted among us need human interaction. It wasn’t too long ago that our ancestors lived in small close-knit tribes, where they were constantly interacting with their nearest relatives, friends, and acquaintances, on an everyday basis.

Modern psychological research shows that the people who are happiest are also those who have the closest connections to other people, and who place a high degree of value on interpersonal relationships.

Home cooking your meals is a brilliant way of allowing you to provide for the people closest you, in a way that can not only nourish everyone involved, but that can also help to brin you all closer together and to really make you feel good.

Developing and maintaining a sense of autonomy, in an increasingly outsourced and automated age

The world today is full of all sorts of technologies, systems, and processes that provide a lot of incredible benefits in areas ranging from healthcare, to food availability, to high-performance electronic goods.

At the same time, however, there are costs to these intricate processes – including the fact that we now all increasingly live in an outsourced and automated age.

For many people, a sense of autonomy is lacking, and it’s not hard to end up feeling as though you are constantly being moved around by forces bigger than you, which you can’t influence.

Home cooking your meals is an excellent way of developing and maintaining a sense of autonomy over a fundamental area of your life. You get the satisfaction of providing for yourself in a very meaningful and significant way.

Being able to engage mindfully with one of the eternal experiences of mankind

Mankind has been cooking for as long as we’ve existed – and the process of cooking food is hardwired into us as one of our fundamental experiences of life.

Whether you are roasting your food over a roaring campfire, or are whipping up an intricate meal in your kitchen, cooking your own meals from scratch allows you to engage mindfully with one of the eternal experiences of mankind. This, in and of itself, can be very soothing and fulfilling.

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