The Secret Recipe to Improved Health

Do you know the secret recipe to improved health? Over the last year, we have been reminded that our health is truly our wealth. Without a healthy society, everything collapses. We witnessed countries, industries, companies, and communities, shut down because of the pandemic. Although we are turning a corner in Covid-19 with rollouts of vaccines and gradual reopening of society, we should take away from 2020 a health lesson. Your health is paramount to your everything. You can’t be successful without a healthy mind and body. You can’t be a good parent, sibling, or friend when you are unwell. So, let’s do you, your family, and your community a favor by following this secret recipe for improved health.

Vegetables and fruits are one of many ingredients in the secret recipe to improved health

Make Wise Food and Beverage Choices

You’ve heard the old adage that you are what you eat. Well, it isn’t too far from the truth. By making good choices about what you eat, you can quickly change your energy levels, cholesterol levels, and overall health. Try to locally source your vegetables, fruits, and low-fat proteins. Add good fat options such as nuts and avocados. Don’t forget that what you put into your body also includes beverages. Take a good look at how much coffee, tea, and/or soda that you drink. Reduce the amount of sugar you eat or drink by limiting beverages or using natural, sugar alternatives. Remember that your body is about sixty percent water; so, make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.

Select Healthy Destressing Activities

Life can be stressful. Whether it is work, family, money, or the global crisis, you need to deal with stress before it takes its toll on you, physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are plenty of healthy options for destressing. One of the most popular is to get moving. Exercise is a wonderful way to ease your body and mind; plus, it also helps you burn off extra calories from your day and maintain your ideal weight. Another way to destress is to find a meditation practice that works for you. Some people garden or do yoga. Others choose adventure like in this TEDx talk. Unfortunately, many choose to use recreational drugs and alcohol to destress. If you know someone that needs help, seek assistance at American Addiction Centers.

Get into a Sleep Routine

One of the most important ingredients in a healthy lifestyle is sleep. This is when you body recharges and repairs. This doesn’t only mean your muscles and joints, but also your mind. With increased screen time and 24/7 workdays, many people have trouble turning off and falling asleep. Setting a sleep routine and sticking to it even on the weekends is crucial to accomplishing the recommended eight hours of sleep a night.

Be Proactive

Although you are the best judge as to how you feel daily, it helps to have a professional also do a check. Make an appointment to see your doctor when you are not sick. This is a great way to get normal levels, ask questions, and get to know one another. By being proactive with your health, you and your chosen healthcare professional can put together a plan for exercise, diet, supplements, tests, and other specialists. Take charge of your greatest wealth by being proactive about it.

Dental Hygiene

When it comes to you and your family, it’s important to think about oral health and dental hygiene all around. It’s never fun having to get onto your kids to make sure that they brush twice a day. But every parent has gone through the same thing when they were a child, and now it’s a healthy habit. Our teeth are designed to carry out tasks such as eating, expressing emotions, and speaking.

 Our teeth also play a major role in our facial expressions too. While you and your family are young, you want to visit the dentist twice a year, preferably six months apart.  It’s an essential part of keeping you and your family’s teeth healthy and that they last as long as possible. Sure, when old age comes there is a very high chance of having to receive Custom Implant Dentures, but that’s something that shouldn’t happen until old age.  

Dental health has the ability to affect other aspects of health. Oral health truly can affect the rest of the body which is why you need to protect your family’s oral health at home. There are thankfully some easy ways to ensure that your family is able to pick up daily healthy habits. Some of the tips for doing this can include:

  • Putting importance on the oral hygiene routine
  • Brushing immediately after meals
  • Demonstrating the importance of flossing and why it needs to be done after brushing
  • Having a healthy diet
  • Staying hydrated by drinking water
  • Using mouthwash on a daily basis
  • Avoiding hard to chew foods
  • Stopping any unhealthy habits that can potentially harm the teeth

While this may seem like a bit of work, once you’re able to get your whole family to do this out of habit, then you won’t need to worry about the oral health of your loved ones. 

Your health is paramount. Invest in your health by following the secret recipe outlined above. Here’s to you and your health!

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