The Simple Preschool Packing List

This simple preschool packing list will set your preschooler up for success and develop a lifelong habit of being prepared!

Girl Pointing on Alphabets - Simple Preschool Packing List

The beginning of preschool will be like the start of a whole new chapter for your little one. This part of their lives will be an immense opportunity and they will have the chance to make new friends, learn some skills, and find a hobby or two. 

Preparing your child for their first day at the best preschools  you can find will be emotional and exciting. This is likely the first time you have left them alone for a whole day, and a sign that they are truly growing up. That’s why today we are taking you through those essential things you need to pack for your child on this all important day. 

A Backpack

Before you send your child off to preschool you will need to buy a backpack that they can store their things in. Remember that for kids, style is important so bring your child with you and let them choose their own backpack with their favorite design. Going to preschool can be daunting enough without having an embarrassing bag to deal with! 

Water Bottle

Be sure that your child has the ability to drink fresh water throughout the day at school. This is something that is important because if you don’t provide them with a water bottle they won’t think to drink any!

Lunch Box

The most fun part of packing your child’s bag for school will be creating their lunchbox. Instead of simply opting for a boring sandwich, think of making pitta pockets with lots of veggies, or even a pasta salad with a tomato sauce that will fill them up for the day. As well as the main meal be sure to supply your child with a healthy snack in the form of fruit slices or sticks of carrot to dip in some hummus. There is no excuse for a boring ham sandwich and a packet of crisps when you have so many options! 

Spare clothes

Kids get messy. When your child joins preschool they will soon be getting into rough play with their friends and often this will lead to muddy clothes. Make sure you pack an extra set of clothes for your child so that they can change when they need it. 


It is important if your child has a medical condition such as asthma or diabetes that you pack their medicine in their bag or pass it to their teachers to hold during school hours. Also provide a list of any allergies your child has. 

Nap time essentials 

A blanket, pillow, and any other nap time essentials should be packed among everything else in your child’s bag. Most preschools will schedule an hour for nap time so make sure your child benefits from this as much as possible. 


Although school will provide plenty of pens and pads for your child to use throughout the day, it is always worth being extra prepared. Plus, your child might want to draw during their down time or come up with stories, and this can be great for their development. 

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