Things To Try When You Have Fallen Out Of Love With Your Home

Fallen Out Of Love With Your Home

Have you fallen out of love with your home? When did you last feel positive about your home

If, after wracking your brains and coming up short, it might be that your home is no longer the place it used to be. Once upon a time, you might have had nothing but joy and love for the place that you live in, but if those feelings are now replaced by negative thoughts, then it’s time to do something about the problem. Both your mental health and your sense of contentment depend upon it.

Give any offending rooms a makeover

Chances are, it is probably only one or two rooms in your home that is giving you grief. So, think about those rooms that once entered your mood changes for the worse, and do something about them. In your living room, for example, you might want to refresh the style, perhaps using a color wheel to help you mix and match the right colors on your walls and furnishing, and you might want to treat yourself to something new. So, you might look for paintings for sale for any of your empty walls, or you might purchase a new rug or a throw for your sofa to enhance the room’s visual appeal. You might do the same for any room in your home, replacing anything that needs to be changed and adding anything that will make the surrounding area functional and aesthetically more appealing.

Create more space in your home

If you’re miserable at home because you are running out of space, then look for solutions. On a simple level, you might add more shelves and storage units to rooms that accumulate a lot of clutter. You might also replace larger furnishings with something smaller and yet still fit for purpose, so you have more floor space to navigate. If you have the money, you might also consider a home renovation, perhaps by converting your loft or by adding a conservatory. Especially when you need the extra space for a hobby, or if you want to create your own cozy nook away from the rest of the home, you might feel better about yourself and the place you live after a few minor (or major) alterations.

Fix any minor or major problems

Sometimes, it’s the small things that might get you down. It might be a squeaky floorboard or a creaking door, and every time you experience them, your mood might quickly change. Or there might be larger issues within your home, perhaps with a damaged window frame that lets too much cold air in, or a lack of ventilation in certain rooms that then causes problems with damp. These issues aren’t going to fix themselves, so you have two options if you want to improve your mood at home. You either roll your sleeves up and undertake any repair tasks that you can manage yourself or you bring in a professional to get on top of more difficult jobs for you. Your negative thoughts about your home might then be fixed in line with the repairs that have taken place.

And so…

If you have fallen out of love with your home, reclaim the passion you once had for your property by finding the root cause of your negativity. Your mood might then change, and rather than put up with a home you have no love for; you will finally have a place that feels like home, and not just a stressor in your life.

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