Thriving At Work: How to Boost Your Creativity In the Office

There are so many aspects of a business that are crucial for success. Financial backing has to be there, along with a hardworking team, a great product, and competent leadership. One thing that not too many business owners or individual employees remember to focus on is creativity.

Creativity belongs in the workplace. Without a creative environment, your office culture will lack, leading to all sorts of problems from employee engagement and productivity dips to actual revenue decreases. With 57% of organizations viewing employee retention as a problem, encouraging a more creative environment may be the solution to a lot of company’s problems. Fostering an inclusive and creative work environment can help you reach your individual and organizational goals — here’s how to do it:

Here are some great tips for boosting creativity in the workplace:

  1. Get reflective — Whether you’re the CEO or are starting your first week of work, knowing how to take a step back and reflect is imperative for professional growth and success. When your workload picks up, instead of diving in without a care in the world, try taking a step back and reflect on the significance of what you’re actually accomplishing. Doing this will help clear your mind, leading to all kinds of creative breakthroughs.
  2. Get artsy — No one wants to work in a boring environment, so spice things up a bit with some cool art pieces. A workplace study showed that approximately 94% of respondents believe that art makes their workplace more welcoming and 61% agree that it also stimulates creativity. Art pieces, whether they are fancy and expensive or an original piece that you whipped up, can help entire organizations reduce stress, encourage the expression of opinions, and boost creativity levels.
  3. Ice cream… at work? — This sounds radical but radical is good. Approximately 87% of Americans have ice cream in their home freezers, but why not ice cream inside your office freezer? To really enhance your work culture and get creative, consider planning a monthly ice cream flavor contest and just have fun with it!
  4. Plant some plants — A study found that individuals working in enriched spaces decorated with plants are actually 17% more productive than those in lean environments. Lavender is great for enhancing your focus levels, but consider cypress vines for a spark in creativity.
  5. Revisit company values — A great way to improve the creative mindset at work is to know, understand, and frequently visit your company’s core values. First, define them and make sure everyone in the company understands them. When employees and managers are aware of an organization’s values, they’ll feel much more connected to it, subsequently leading to a more engaging and creative work environment.
  6. Don’t fear failure — Despite what you may have heard, failure is a good thing. Just look at companies like Apple. First, there were plenty of failures. And now, they sell almost 395 iPhones per minute. Of course, it’s better to fail cheaply and quickly, but as long as you’re learning something along the way, failure can help a business reach great levels. In order to have a creative workplace, a fear of failure cannot exist. Changing your perspective on how you look at failure will surely spark creativity.

As long as you’re focusing on getting more creative at work and accepting those bursts of inspiration instead of hindering them, you’re going to have a much more successful, fun, and rewarding career!

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