Tips for Staging Your Home For VR tours

Selling your home during the age of COVID-19 is not easy. However, thanks to technology, real estate has managed to stay fairly stable during a tremulous time. VR home tours are the newest, safest way to take prospective buyers through your home. SO how do you make a great VR tour? Here are a few tips for making your tour stand out.

Start at the Front Door

The VR tour should be as faithful as possible to a real-life tour of your home. So start at the front door. You can also give a view of the front yard and landscaping. It may not seem important but spend just 5% of your home value on some landscaping touch-ups can increase your ROI by 150%. So make sure your yard, porch, and front door all make the rest of the tour feel worth it. The front portion of your house is the first impression a buyer gets so make it good.

Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.

When you’re trying to sell your home make sure giving it the best chance by showing off how gorgeous it can be. Decluttering is an extremely important part of presenting any home for sale but it’s even more important in VR. Unlike in real life, VR doesn’t allow you to see as much detail and makes space seem smaller than they are. Clutter is going to increase this feeling. If you have a second home, like 9.25 million other Americans, moving most of your things there is a great way to get stuff out of the way. You could also rent a storage unit, sell some items, or donate items.

Show the Little Things Not The Fun Things

Another disadvantage of VR is the inability to peer around into little space like closets, cabinets, and pantries. Often times storage a huge factor for homebuyers so make sure those spaces are shown. This will give buyers more of an idea of what kind of space they are working with and help them decide if your home is right for them. You may be tempted to show off the size of certain spaces with things like your huge TV, a valuable painting, or a safe. But be wary, VR tours get posted online, so be careful of what you show. Keep valuables, safes, electronics, and home security features out of view if possible and keep your home security up to date.

Make Improvement Known

Almost 10% of houses sold back in 2016 were flipped first. That percentage is likely higher now so if you made renovations, don’t be afraid to show the before and after. Along with the VR tour, images of the before-after of certain space can really help buyers see how much space a changed and what the bones are like in case they have changes they want to make. It may also help you stand out among the crowd.

VR tours virtually saved the real estate market and they can help sell your house too. SO long as you take the time and the effort to show off the best parts of your home.

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