Tips To Look After Your Hearing

Your hearing is something that can be taken for granted, and once you’ve damaged it, there’s no way to get it back to the way it was without the use of hearing aids. With that being said, you should be taking precautions on a daily basis to ensure your hearing stays healthy and that you look after your ears no matter what. Here are some tips to look after your hearing.

Girl with headphones showing how to look after your hearing

Protect Your Ears During Loud Events

Your ears are vulnerable when it comes to loud noises and so much so that you could do severe damage to your eardrum if you’re not careful. Try to protect your ears where you can, especially when it comes to loud events or working in a job that might use loud machinery. If you’re working in a job that has loud noises, then your workplace should be providing you with the necessary protective equipment for your ears. Live concerts and events with loud music can be damaging to your ears, so if you’re getting too close to the speakers themselves, you might want to think about wearing earbuds or headphones that can muffle the sound. Try to take these precautions, especially if you’re someone who is around this environment on a regular or occasional basis. Many of us love to attend music concerts, but they can have lasting damage on our ears if we’re not careful enough.

Keep Volumes On Low

It’s something you don’t realize, but when it comes to the volume on your phone or when watching the television, it can end up being quite loud. It’s always important to be conscious when it comes to the volume levels, especially when you’re in control of how loud noises can be. With that being said, try to keep the volume on low, even if you struggle to hear it at first. Your ears will likely adjust and try using subtitles to begin with so that you’re not missing out on anything you’re watching. Our ears can acclimatize if you allow them without having to permanently damage them. So lower the television volume or the volume on your headphones when listening to music.

Don’t Use Cotton Swabs In Your Ears

Cotton swabs are something that have been commonly used for grabbing the earwax from your ears, but it actually can do more harm than good. Using a cotton swab down your ear canal is risky because you could end up pushing the wax further down into your ear canal and potentially damage the eardrum. And once that eardrum has been damaged, it’s very hard to fix that damage without additional help from a hearing aid. You should only be using cotton swabs on the outside of the ear and avoiding the inner canal at all costs. Even though it’s something a lot of people do because it feels good and helps to remove some wax, it’s still dangerous.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Ear infections can be really debilitating because they’re something that can make you feel run down. When it comes to stopping ear infections from happening, it’s good to keep your ears dry. Use a clean towel when going swimming or taking a shower to clean round the outside of your ear. Tip your head towards the ground to help get any excess water out of the ear that might be sitting in the ear canal. Take the precautions where necessary, so you don’t need to experience the pain that is an ear infection. It’s something that can be common among all ages, so be careful.

Manage The Stress In Your Life

Stress can affect a lot of us in life, whether it’s a personal stress or one that’s brought on by work. It’s essential that we take control over these stresses and to try and avoid them where possible. Stress can have an impact on your body and can be the cause of ear problems, as well as other infections and illnesses. Try to think about how you can manage stress better so that it’s not taking over your life or having a direct impact on your emotional or physical state. Too much prolonged stress can definitely have a lasting effect on your body.

Looking after your hearing can be easy enough if you are cautious. Use these tips to keep your hearing safe and to ensure you have perfect hearing for as long as your natural life exists. Your hearing is something you need to appreciate more of as it can be hard once you lose it.

How do you look after your hearing?

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