Top 5 Ways To Become A Better Driver

It won’t hurt to become a better driver!

Whether you have just passed your driving test or you have been driving for 30 years, it’s clear that you might need an extra bit of help to improve your driving. No one is a perfect driver, by any means, but it’s good to know ways in which you can become a better driver. You also want to make sure that you are the most responsible driver that you can be – taking the appropriate precautions (for example, only driving when you are fully awake and never using your phone).

Become a better driver

So how can you become a better driver? Here are the top 5 ways! 

The ultimate course to improve your driving skills, a defensive driving course will not only save you money on your car insurance in the long term but will also improve your overall driving performance. A great refresher for those who need it, they will teach you an array of things – from helping with fatigue management to how to drive on different road surfaces. Available internationally, these 3-4 hour courses are incredibly invaluable in the long term.

  • Never Speed

Ok, so you want to get to your destination sooner rather than later. This doesn’t mean that you should speed. Speeding can be incredibly dangerous, for both you and fellow drivers. You don’t want to be involved in an accident or get a speeding ticket, so always stick to the recommended speed – whether you are in the suburbs or on the highway. By sticking to the speed limit your driving will inevitably improve and you will be at less risk.

  • Try To Keep Your Hands In The Correct Position

If you have not recently passed your test, you might have forgotten about the correct hand position when driving. Driving instructors used to teach students that they should always keep their hands at the 10 and 2 positions on the wheel. However, this has now changed – you are supposed to have your hands at either 8 and 4 or 9 and 3. This change in hand position will not only give you more stability and control when driving, but it will also make it easier to hold the wheel for a longer amount of time.

It’s vital that you have your mirrors in the right position – no matter if you are driving down the road or on a long journey. You must ensure that you focus the wing mirrors so that they are facing towards the traffic behind you and your rear-view mirror so that it is faced towards your back window. Correct window positioning will ensure that any blind spots are covered and that you have a better view of the other traffic. This will also help you to spot anyone who is driving recklessly behind you and allow you to take necessary evasive action. In the event that you need to hire a car accident lawyer it may be very beneficial to be able to show that your driving was exemplary. This is one way of doing precisely that.

  • Practice Practice Practice 

Now, this might go without saying, but it’s essential that you practice after you have passed. If you don’t drive for a while after you have passed, you might soon forget all that you have learnt. In order to become a better driver, ensure that you are frequently practicing. 

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