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Finding the perfect perfume gives you a signature that is completely unique. We all know that a scent can smell amazing on our best friend but make us smell funky. When traveling, we often leave our bottles behind because of the potential for arriving broken at our destination. Now, you don’t have to. The Travalo Classic HD is a timeless travel accessory that will give you your signature every where you go!

Travalo Classic HD - Perfume Atomizer

Refillable Perfume Spray

For years, I struggled to find a scent that I could call my own. I tried the popular scents and even consulted with a woman who had worked at a department store fragrance counter for years. A few years ago, I was sent a few samples of perfume to try. One really caught my attention and my husband immediately wanted me to order more. Finally, I have found my perfect perfume!

The Travalo Classic HD is a 5ml bottle that is easy refillable to carry up to 65 sprays of your signature scent. This atomizer is glass-free, leak-proof, and TSA-approved for carry-on luggage. The Classic is refilled by using the Genie-S ‘pump to fill’ method and only takes a few seconds. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or any size handbag/purse. It’s finished in style with a durable, superior leatherette and finished with finely crafted and polished metal parts. 

Travalo Classic HD - Perfume Atomizer

Once you try your scent in the Classic HD and feel the luxurious mist, you’ll want to use it on a daily basis. Do you like to change up your scents based on the day, season, or event? The U-Change system makes the refillable inner vial removable. No cleaning is necessary nor does it have to be run dry. 

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Colors include:  White, Burgundy, Cream, and Titanium.

In addition to the Classic HD, other styles are available including the Milano, Divine, and Pearl.

Travalo Classic HD - Perfume Atomizer

I chose the white Classic because it’s versatile enough to match all of my favorite outfits – from casual to a fancy date night! When we head out to a concert or stroll the city, I don’t want to be weighed down by a handbag. I love being able to refresh my scent by simply reaching into my pocket. 

Travalo Classic HD - Perfume Atomizer

The Travalo Classic HD made it into our Summer Bag because of the atomizer’s style factor as well as it’s usefulness. I made the mistake of carrying my glass bottle of perfume in my handbag once. It broke and I had a big mess to clean up in addition to losing money. Carry one in your handbag, keep it in your office desk drawer, and one in your car. They make great gifts, too! 

Travalo Classic

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Travalo - Airline-Approved Perfume Atomizer


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