Unexpected Moving Obstacles to Think About


Unexpected moving obstacles can hinder your move. But by preparing for them, you can relieve a lot of the stress associated with the move!

If you have a new home waiting for you and your family, then it’s no surprise that you might be excited to get them into that new pad and to start enjoying your life there as soon as possible. However, it’s all too easy to miss the road bumps lying ahead if you don’t think to check ahead for them. Let’s look at a few of the all-too-common hiccups that can make that moving day extra stressful.

Cardboard boxes ready to pack for a move without any Unexpected Moving Obstacles

You have too much stuff

In the run up to moving day, you shouldn’t only be packing what you need to bring with you. You should be taking the time to downsize your move by getting rid of what you don’t need. Giving away, selling, donating, or simply throwing out items you don’t need anymore can be essential in making it a lot easier to pack. It can also help cut the costs of removal services.

You’re working with kids or animals

It’s a tip in showbiz to never work with children or animals, but that should apply to moving just as easily. A constantly barking dog can become a serious distraction, and your kids running under your feet can be much more dangerous. Talk to family members or trusted friends about taking your kids out for the day and, for the pets, look at places that can keep them such as Diggidy Doggy Daycare just until the work of clearing the home is done.

You have some objects you can’t move

Pianos and safes might be the most obvious examples, but any kind of furniture or items that are too heavy to move by yourself is going to take real expertise to safely and responsibly move. It’s important to get in touch with teams like Bob Shearn Removals to check that they have the equipment and experience necessary. More importantly, you want to make sure that your moving team is available when you need them ahead of time.

The other home isn’t ready

You don’t want to move into a home only to find out, on the night you arrive, that there are leaking problems, electric issues, or any other kind of issue that makes it inhospitable or even dangerous. Take the steps to ensure it’s a healthy family home, working with electricians, plumbers, and home inspectors, to fix it up as necessary before the big day.

You’re getting a late start

Aside from preparing ahead of time as best as possible, you should make sure that you and your family are up bright and early on moving day, as well. Simply put, a lot of people are surprised by just how time-consuming the whole process can take and if you don’t want it to be pitch black by the time you reach your new home, you should get an early start.

The above might not be an exhaustive list of absolutely everything that can go wrong on moving day, but it’s a glance at some of the most common issues you should at least get ready for. Take your time and follow the tips to make sure they don’t spoil your move.

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