Unique Decoration Ideas For A Children’s Room

These unique decoration ideas will have your kids falling in love with their bedroom! Make it fun, useful, and easy to organize with these ideas!

Your children’s bedrooms can be very fun rooms to decorate. You can use bolder colors and quirky details that you wouldn’t use elsewhere in your home and still have it look great. If you’re looking for some more unusual ideas to create an amazing bedroom for your child, then try some of these fun design projects.

unique decoration ideas for a children's room

Use Their Personality

Many parents decorate each child’s room in a very similar way, just for ease. To create a room they will definitely love, add features that show off their personality and the things they love.

Create a color scheme that uses their favorite color. Pick decor elements that are themed around their interests. For example, if your child is interested in visiting new blues, frame a large map and buy a globe to show off in a corner of the room. If your child loves being around the family dog, add in a cool dog bed so the dog can hang out with them, and have custom art made of them together from a company like Artful Printers.  

Keep it Simple

Children grow up quickly, and their tastes can change very rapidly. To create a room that can be easily adapted to grow with them, keep the base of the design very simple. With great bones and lots of storage, the rest of the decor can be swapped easily as their age and tastes change.

This will be a lot cheaper than redecorating the whole room every six months but still means your child will have a great room. Build in lots of storage and keep the walls a neutral side. Their current interests can be brought in through artwork, bedding and small items like lamps and cushions. 

Think Practically

Children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, so think sensibly about the layout and how well that will work for them. 

Start with the bed. You’ll want cozy blankets and cushions to make it comfortable. Put a bedside table in so a lamp and a drink at bedtime can be easily reached without getting out of bed. Use the space under the bed for a shoe cabinet and storage for toys to make it easy to keep the room tidy. Add in a bookcase that can have a workspace added when your child is old enough for homework. Leave some empty floor space for play.

Keep It Fun

A kid’s bedroom can be lots of fun while still being practical. Use wall decals to create pretty designs on the walls. These look great but, unlike wallpaper, they can be peeled off without damaging the wall behind them, meaning they can be removed if your child outgrows them or you need to move house.

Add storage in fun ways too. Choose storage furniture in funky shapes or paint it a bright color. Build custom storage, like floating shelving on the walls or floating boxes. Display some of their toys so they add to the decor and sense of fun. 

Add More Storage

Children have a lot of stuff and if you want them to keep their bedroom tidy, they need plenty of storage to put it all away in. 

As well as the obvious pieces like wardrobes, dressers and bookcases, add some easy storage like baskets, trays and cupboards with doors and drawers. These are ideal for toys or craft supplies. Keep the storage to the edges of the room, so you can leave an empty space in the middle for easy play. 

Get the children involved in choosing their storage furniture. If they’ve been part of designing their room, they will feel more proud of it which can help to encourage them to keep it tidy. Encourage them to put everything away at the end of the night so the room stays looking great and leaving them plenty of room to play. 

If they like to have sleepovers, buy a trundle bed that can be rolled out from under their own bed. This is easy for any friend who wants to stay over and saves you from making up an extra bed or trying to find the sleeping bags. 

Add In Educational Pieces

A child’s room can use educational pieces as decor and still look great. Hang posters of numbers or the alphabet, or something fun like a map or a list of animal names. Create 3D wooden numbers or letters to hang around the room. 

Build open shelving in funky shapes hexagons, and teach your child what the shape is. These subtle elements add color and interest, while also helping your child to learn. 

Make A Shared Bedroom That Works

Lots of children have to share a bedroom, and that can make the decor hard to decide on. Keep the main room neutral, with a neutral color on the walls, and simple looking furniture

Help the children to agree on colors they both like, then allow them to choose things like their own bedding that uses those colors. They can have different bedding and cushions on the bed that will show off their own personalities while still having pieces that go together and look good. 

Create some shared storage for items they use together, like toys, but also offer some storage space of their own. This could be their bedside table or some open shelving by their bed. Let them choose what to display here, so they can have a space that is theirs to decorate and show off the things that they like without compromising with a sibling. 

Children’s bedrooms can be great spaces to have some fun with your decorating. Remember to add in practical storage but otherwise, you can go wild, with colors, patterns and fun items that will make your child love their bedroom. Get them involved in the design process so they have a room they are proud of and want to keep looking good. Their new room will be bright, cheerful and fun, making it ready for play and learning of all kinds. 

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