Various Ways That Stress Can Affect You

It is inevitable that at some point you are going to feel stressed in your life, whether it relates to work or family situations. However, ensuring that stress does not take over your life completely and start to affect your health is important to keep track of, as stress can manifest itself into various health problems over time. 

How Stress Can Affect You:

Stress affecting mental, physical, and emotional aspects of life

Ability to Sleep

Stress can certainly prevent you from sleeping well which over time can cause you to feel irritable and tired due to the lack of sleep. Finding ways to relax in the evening before bedtime to help promote sleep can help. This could include avoiding staring at cell phones or laptops, reading a book, burning some essential oils such as lavender in your room or having a warm bath. 

Changes in Appetite

When you are feeling stressed it can start to affect your appetite. There are usually two different paths this can take, either undereating or overeating. So you might find that you have a suppressed appetite and are not eating much, which means you are missing out on various nutrients that your body needs to function. 

Or you might find that you are constantly eating throughout the day, and not normally healthy options either. You might be reaching for more unhealthy snacks which are high in saturated fats and sugar causing you to then put on weight because of their regular consumption.  

Hearing Problems 

Stress can also have a negative impact on your hearing. If you regularly experience stress it can even impact the circulation of the blood and adrenaline that  would normally flow towards the inner ear. Being aware of how stress is impacting your daily life will help you know whether you need hearing loss communication tips. 

Affecting Your Sex Drive

If you are constantly stressed this can also start to affect your sex drive. In women this can then have an impact on your menstrual cycle. For some this might be missing your period completely, or you have the opposite problem and experience heavier, more painful periods. Being able to manage your stress levels will help you avoid experiencing these problems.  

Different Moods

You might notice that your mood alters more so than usual. It is not uncommon to start to feel more emotional, so feelings of irritability, hopelessness and lack of enthusiasm because you are struggling to cope. This is when it is important to get in contact with a medical professional so they can provide the necessary solutions. Stress can have an impact on the chemicals that are usually released into our brains that help us to feel happy and productive. So being able to maintain this delicate balance is important. 

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