Virtual Cookie Decorating – A Sweet Way to Connect!

Virtual Cookie Decorating is a fun way to enjoy time with family and friends when you can’t be together. Decorate tasty cookies or cupcakes and then enjoy while social distancing!

I don’t know about y’all but cookies and cupcakes can take my mind off anything negative going on in the world around me. While we can’t get together for birthday parties, anniversaries, etc., we do have options to continue to shelter sweetly and play safe!

Sweetology is a drop-in and decorate cookie and cupcake shop; but thanks to COVID19, they have had to shift their product to fit our at-home needs. This wonderfully sweet company is helping people still come together to enjoy tasty treats and have fun. Discover the gorgeous (and delicious!) cookies we were able to create with one of their kids.

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Beach Vibes Cookie Decorating Kit

The beach is calling a lot of your names! But since we’re all stuck at home, let’s have a virtual beach party instead!

Sweetology – a premiere St. Louise, Missouri DIY cake decorating shop, is helping bring the sweetness to our homes with their creative decorating kits. In order to promote social distancing, all you have to do is connect with one of the sweet customer support agents. They will help select the perfect kit for your celebration and addresses to ship each party member their own box. The hostess can schedule a Zoom party at his/her convenience. If you’d like, a Sweetologist can attend for a small fee to help coordinate the party or to offer tips during the decorating process!

Each kit includes the following:

  • Choice of baked cupcakes (12 – 6 vanilla and 6 chocolate) or sugar cookies
  • Pre-filled Piping Bag, Blue Buttercream
  • Pre-filled Piping Bag,  Light Blue Buttercream
  • Pre-filled Piping Bag, Natural Vanilla Buttercream
  • Pre-filled Piping Bag, Chocolate Buttercream
  • Pre-filled Piping Bag, Green Buttercream
  • Decorative Tips
  • Teal sprinkles
  • Yellow sprinkles
  • Celebration confetti sprinkles
  • Assorted palm tree, reef fish and flip flop pressed sugar toppers

Living inland, a lot of my friends are missing the beach so I thought that the Beach Vibes kit would be perfect to feature.

Check out our cookies from start to finish:

Step 1: Start with a blank cookie (or cupcake if you choose them).

Blank cookie from Sweetology to decorate

Step 2: Cut off the tip of the piping bag of icing color you want to decorate with. Add a piping tip and add a design to the cookie/cupcake.

Sugar cookies in different stages of decorating with icing

Step 3: After adding the icing, choose the sprinkles and sugar toppers you like to complete the cookie!

Sugar cookie decorated with blue and white icing, topped with sprinkles and pressed sugar flip flops

Step 4: Finish decorating all of your cookies! Feel free to get creative!

What I love about virtual cookie decorating:

If your kids (or even you!) are missing your friends and families, these kits are the perfect way to spend time together again. Through the wonderful invention of the internet, video chats, online meetings, etc. you can chat and decorate at the same time.

My favorite part is that the cookies and cupcakes come pre-baked! That means a lot less clean-up for me. Everything is ready-to-go right out of the box. Even the icing comes pre-portioned into piping bags.

There are quite a few theme options including (but not limited to!):

Custom kits are also available to create the perfect kit for your celebration!

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Don’t forget about the free shipping — Use the code FREESHIP at checkout!

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