Wedding Day How-To: Look and Feel Great!


These wedding day how-to tips and tricks will help you look and feel great! Congratulations to those who are getting married soon!

Every bride looks incredible on their wedding day. Something about the joy and happiness radiates out and makes them glow in a way that no one else can, no matter what they are wearing.
However, brides all around the world start getting ready for their big day weeks, and in some cases, even months, in advance, so that they can look and feel fabulous from their heads to their toes. If this sounds like you, here are some things that you might want to think about doing in the run-up to your wedding day.

Bride looking out her window knowing that her wedding how-to preparations made today less stressful!

Grow out your hair

If you are hoping for long, luscious locks or are planning on having your hair up in an elaborate up-do on the day, without the use of hair extensions, you need to start growing it as far ahead as possible. Remember, to keep it in excellent condition, you will need to have plenty of trims, so factor in those as well, as they can set you back a few inches. Also, look after your hair during this time – avoid any colors and bleach or chemical treatments and minimize your use of heat styling tools. Once a week, use a deep conditioner or a hair mask to give it a good moisture boost, so it looks not only good but also feels gorgeous.

Look after your hands

Our hands are often a neglected part of our body, but when it comes to your wedding, they will be one of the stars of the show. After all, one of the most important parts of the day will be when the ring is put on your finger, and everyone will be clamoring for a look at it. When washing up or doing chores around the house, wear gloves to protect the skin on your hands, and keep them moisturized. The constant washing of hands can leave them feeling dry, and no one wants dry hands on their wedding day! If you feel like they have some of their natural plumpness and volume, you could look into hand rejuvenation to give back some of their youthfulness.

Whiten your teeth

You are going to be smiling a lot on your wedding day and probably talking to a lot of people. Those smiles and conversations are going to be captured on film and camera forever, so you want to make sure that you feel great about your teeth. If you have been hitting the red wine or coffee a bit too often, you may want to consider having a teeth whitening session in the run-up to your big day to give your smile a bit of sparkle and make you feel fantastic.

Of course, your partner to be and the people who have come to help you celebrate your special day are going to think you look great no matter what, but sometimes, we all feel like we could use a bit of help to give us a boost of confidence on the day. 

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