What DIY Improvements Your Family Home Needs

As time goes by, any home will start to need some upgrades and improvements done to it to give it new life. If you feel that this point has reached for your family home but can’t quite place a finger on the exact improvements to make, here’s a helpful outline of five suggestions to give you some ideas.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

An easy enough DIY, giving your home a fresh coat of paint is a sure way to give it an amazing new look. With the typical home seller having spent at least eight years in their home, according to the National Association of Realtors, your home may be in dire need of refreshed walls. You can reapply the same shade or choose a new color that better reflects your current tastes. Just make sure to keep it cool and calm because loud, trendy colors will be a lot more likely to wear you out in a short time. You may spare the bright color for an accent to give some character to the room you add it to, and you will enjoy it for a longer time.

Outdoor Lights

If you feel like you would enjoy spending more time outdoors but it’s too dark for your liking, you can add some outdoor lights. These will make your yard a lot more lively and make it look like a brand new space when darkness falls. You can install low-maintenance solar spikes or wall fixtures depending on your taste and the layout of your yard. Since there will be minimal to no wiring involved with this, it’s something you can do with the help of your family on a slow weekend and then enjoy your handiwork with a celebratory snack outdoors later that night.

A DIY Stair Runner

For the homeowners that have stairs in their houses, a functional DIY improvement that will also serve to improve the aesthetics is adding stair runners. Choose a material that will improve the grip if your stairs are dangerously slippery and go for a color that will match the rest of your house for a calm, minimal appearance. If you enjoy color, you can go for a bold, statement piece that will stand out and give your stairs a new look that no one will be able to miss.

Refreshed Kitchen Cabinets

If you feel like you’ve entered a cave whenever you get into your kitchen, it may be because of your kitchen cabinets. If they still have the same finishes they had years ago, they’ve likely lost their shine due to years of cleaning and use. You can make them look amazing once more by refinishing them, a project that will be fast enough to finish in a weekend and that will cost you a minimal amount of money. A few supplies and some elbow grease will give you results that you will be grateful for and proud of for a long time to come.

A Retaining Wall for Your Yard

Finally, if you enjoy gardening but have trouble with soil erosion, you should consider building a retaining wall. With more than 600,000 landscaping businesses in the United States at the moment, it will be easy to find DIY ideas and instructions online, which will make it possible for you to do the job. You can enlist the help of willing family members and friends and help retain your soil whenever there’s a heavy downpour.

The five DIY improvements above should get you started working on your home. Don’t get carried away and try to DIY dangerous things and place yourself at risk. This includes inspecting your roof, which should be inspected once or twice a year under normal circumstances. You should also keep in mind, too, that some of the more practical improvements may positively affect your home owners insurance rate. For these, call an expert while you do the rest yourself.

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