What If Wood Floors Aren’t As Healthy As You Thought?

Everywhere you look nowadays, there are horror stories about the bacteria lurking in our carpets. If the experts are to believed, those fibers could well be making us sick. A study in Men’s Health even found that carpets are around 4,000 times dirtier than toilet seats.

It’s enough to send the fear into any of our hearts, especially if we have young kiddies. It’s this, more than stylistic choices, which have led to a massive surge in wooden floors. Let’s be honest; they look sleek, and they seem much safer.

But, to assume that laying a wooden floor can keep you all safe for good would be naive. In reality, even wooden flooring can harbor health concerns if you aren’t careful. Instead of installing a wooden floor and leaving it to do its thing, consider the following ways to ensure this is the safe bet you’re expecting.

Plant on Wood Floor

Clean your floors once a day

Yes; you did hear right. When you trail dirt and generally making a mess, you bring bacteria straight into your home. This is the case whether you have a carpet or not. As such, it’s essential you clean your hardwood floors with products designed for the purpose every single day. The good news is that this is nowhere near the chore it sounds. Cleaning carpets daily would, after all, take you a fair amount of time. But, with a decent mop, you’ll find that you can wash all your floors in no longer than twenty minutes. Bear in mind, too, that you can skip rooms which don’t receive regular use. That’s because the lack of fibers means that bacteria should only get on these floors when you put it there.

Dust mop wood floors

Avoid gappy options

It’s also worth noting that some wooden floors contain large gaps between panels. From a health standpoint, you may want to steer clear of these. While they can look fantastic and add a real rustic vibe, they can also spell trouble. That’s because dark gaps can be as ideal for bacteria as fibrous carpets. As such, a wooden floor like this isn’t necessarily any better for you. Instead, look out for laminate or close-fit options which don’t leave any room for bad things to grow.

Consider the increased slip risk

If you have young kids running around, it’s also worth considering the increased slip risk of wooden floors. Especially after washing, these can be pretty hazardous. Add to that the fact that a fall on wooden flooring can get serious, and you can bet this is worth worrying about. One way around this would be to make sure your kids wear hard-soled slippers in the house from now on. Socks and slippery floors never go well together, after all. It’s also worth investing in plenty of rugs. These can cushion falls, as well as making them less likely in the first place.

Wood flooring can, undeniably, work wonders for home health. But, that’s only going to happen if you consider risks like these beforehand.

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