What Makes the Ideal Valentine’s Day Menu?

What makes the ideal Valentine’s Day menu? This year, celebrations may be a little different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of them!

If you can’t or don’t want to go out for Valentine’s Day, a meal at home can be the perfect way to celebrate. Whether you cook it yourself or order in, a delicious meal can form just one part of a brilliant evening or day at home, enjoying each other’s company. But, the question is, what food should you serve for the perfect Valentine’s Day menu? There might be some things that are off the menu, like garlic or carb-heavy dishes, but are there certain things that are a must-have? Take a look at these tips to design your ideal menu and have a great night.

couple lying in the carpet with candlelight and pizza for the ideal Valentine's Day menu

Think of Your Favorite Foods

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to indulge in your favorite foods. You don’t have to experiment with something new, and it can even be better to serve food you know that you’re both going to love. What you might do is try to cook something when you have only ever eaten it at a restaurant or as takeout before. Maybe your partner has a favorite dish that you want to try and recreate at home. Some restaurant chefs are even happy to share their recipes with you so you can make them yourself.

Get Romantic

If you want to make your menu as romantic as possible, you might think about how to make each course just that little bit more special. It could be in the dishes you choose to cook or in the presentation of your food. You could have some fun with the ingredients that people say are aphrodisiacs, like chocolate and oysters. Or you could serve everything heart-shaped for a cute twist on your dishes. Don’t forget something special to drink on the side, whether it’s champagne or a favorite cocktail.

Try Something New

For anyone who is feeling brave, trying out a new dish for Valentine’s Day could be fun. You might surprise your partner with something special or you could even plan to cook something together. If you’re not feeling up to cooking, there’s always the option of ordering from that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try out. If you’re thinking of trying something new, it might be best not to go too out there, unless you both have adventurous palettes. And if you’re not too confident in your cooking skills, it could be a good idea to have some kind of backup, just in case it all goes wrong.

Don’t Forget to Set the Scene

When you have your menu planned, don’t forget about everything else. Creating a nice atmosphere and setting your home up for date night will make your Valentine’s meal more enjoyable. Get some Valentine’s Day flowers into a vase, set the dining table, and light some candles to make everything pretty and romantic. Put on some music and dim the lights (although not too dim), and perhaps make sure you have a romantic fragrance enhancing the atmosphere to stimulate all the senses.

A romantic Valentine’s meal is a lovely way to celebrate. Give your menu some thought before the day arrives so you can plan properly.

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