What Should You Be Sipping On In The Evening?


What should you be sipping on in the evening? Discover our three suggestions to help your health – from head to toe!

How much do you drink throughout the day? Because drinking is just as essential for your health as working out on a regular basis and eating the right foods for your brain and body. And yet, most people don’t even think to pour themselves a glass of water in the morning, to help your body wake up and face the day! 

And seeing as most people only have the evenings and late nights to themselves, we need to focus on making sure what you’re drinking at these times not only tastes good, but are good for your health too. So, let’s go into some suggestions about what you should be sipping on in the evenings below. 

Sliced oranges in water is what you should sipping on in the evening


Very much the elixir of life, water is something you should be drinking every single day. You need water to keep your body topped up, seeing as we’re made up of, at most, 60% water. And sure, you might have heard that half to a full gallon of water per day is what you need to aim for, but that’s not strictly true. Because every single body is different, and has different needs, and thus, everyone needs to drink a different amount of water per day. 

Simply listen to how thirsty you feel, and then drink some water to combat it – your body already knows how much water it needs, and even having a small glass of water when you feel like you need a drink could be enough. 

A Good Juice

A good juice is one that both tastes good and does a lot for your body; it needs to have vitamins and minerals that give you more energy, and help your bones, organs, and skin to heal and stay healthy. 

You already know about apple and orange juice, and you probably drink them regularly, but there are plenty more you can sip on in the evening. Mango juices, or berry juices, etc. Plus, there are plenty of recipes online for famous juices you’ve always wanted to try at home, such as homemade v8 juice

A Heartwarming Hot Drink 

We all love to have a hot drink from time to time, whether you’re a coffee fan, or you love a cup of tea, or you even love a good cocoa before you go to bed at night. No matter what hot drink you love, there are probably healthier, better alternatives out there for it, and you should think about investing in them. Green tea, for example, could be much better for you than a standard English Breakfast tea, and you should try to mix up your cuppas a bit more. 

The evening is your time, and you should be drinking a nice refreshing glass of something healthy and good for you when it rolls around. Make sure you keep the above ideas in mind, and try to cut back on sodas you may love, or hot drinks that are a bit too sugary to be good for you. 

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  1. I drink tons of water all day so I am ready for a drink at night. But you bring up great points!

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