Where Can I Find Live Entertainment Near Me?


There isn’t much better than going out to hear live music. There’s a certain energy that comes from the excitement of you, and the rest of the audience as you listen to music together. At that particular moment, not much else matters–you’re just there with a common goal, to be entertained.

How do you find live local entertainment? Do you pick up a copy of your city’s local entertainment guide? Turn to social media? Check your local watering holes? Or do you just head out and hope you find someone halfway decent playing? If you’re tired of trying to track down performers or hearing the same old music at the same old places, you need the Special Guest App.

Music City Nashville

Book Your Own Live Entertainment Instead

If you want to find the best live, local entertainment your area has to offer, turn to Special Guest. Use the app, available for iPhone, to book all kinds of entertainment on demand. It doesn’t just end with music–you can also book comedians, dancers, and motivational speakers, all at your own convenience.

On a budget? Not a problem. With Special Guest, you can see an artist’s fee up front, before you book. If you only need an hour of entertainment, you can get it with Special Guest. Book an artist for as little or as much time as you need, from your phone or computer. If you can’t find live entertainment, bring it to you. Access dozens of local performers in just a few clicks. Hire a belly dancer for your dad’s retirement party, or a magician for your child’s birthday celebration. Take your BBQ to the next level by booking a  live band for a few hours. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!

If you’re looking for the premiere source for live, local entertainment, go with Special Guest.

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