Why Is Back Pain Such A Struggle?

Of all the places in and around your body, back pain is probably the worst. Yes there are other parts of the body that can actually hurt more, such as the neck, pelvis and head. However when you have back pain, immobilization occurs. This means you are essentially put out of action, you can’t move without it hurting even more and you cannot generally walk around and do normal everyday things like driving a car. Inevitably, you’re going to have to take time off from work with severe back pain. You might also find it very difficult to get to sleep at night. Life becomes a struggle and unlike other pains, it’s usually not helped by a better diet. Your range of movement will become limited and that prevents you from stretching. The leading cause of back pain is pinched nerves.

The struggle of sitting

The majority of the nerves that go to the head will travel up through the spine. The mass of nerves in the lower back makes it a very common area where back pain is associated. However our nerves are so complex that we can have a pain in our leg but the problem can be a pinched nerve in our upper back. Don’t forget that nerves are in the neurological aspect of our body, and they carry sensitive information up to the brain. Therefore we can get confused as to what or where the pain is. For debilitating pain you can have a lumbar sympathetic nerve block procedure like the kind that SHIPS Med offers. A small portion of your back is numb and then a needle is put forth to find the nerves on and around the lumbar spine vertebrae. A numbing medicine then bathes the nerves which removes the pain.

A little parallel help?

For every side of the body there is a working partner. For example, the tricep and the bicep work together. The hamstrings and the quads work together. The calves and feet work together. But what about the lower back? Well, the opposite to the back is of course our abdominals. If your core is weak, then the majority of the slack is picked up by the lower back. This is what can cause many back injuries when lifting heavy things or pushing and pulling heavy things. By strengthening your abdominal muscles and sternum, you give your back the support it needs to carry out its functions properly.

It’s not a lumbar issue

The lower back is also greatly influenced by what’s going on with your hips. If your glutes and hamstrings are tense, your lower back is going to feel pinched. Everything gets dragged downward, and thus can cause your muscles that are attached to the spine to be pulled out of place. And hey presto, you have pressure put on your nerves too. Performing lying hip stretches every morning greatly helps to mobilize this joint and takes the load off from your lumbar muscles.

Back pain isn’t just pain, it can debilitate your body. Sometimes the more you move the more it hurts. It’s a struggle to get to work and live a normal life when you have intense nerve pinching. However you can have a procedure done so that the nerves are numbed. From then on you can try to look for a more permanent solution.

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