Why Would You Ever Want To Go To Detroit?

Detroit, the city of grit and grey streets. It’s where so many music artists have came from, it’s where so many car manufacturers have been born, it’s where you can still find some of the best food in all of the American east coast. Moderns bars and restaurants make the nightlife one of the best in the state of Michigan. Yet, you also have some classic streets in the city where some car manufacturers are still alive and well. Although it’s not like it’s hayday of Mo-town but one of the largest American car manufacturers is still here. GM Motors is nestled in the Renaissance Center. Still not convinced to book your travel flight?

The Henry Ford

As you would expect, when you come to Detroit you have to learn about the car boom era. This is where so many American brands made their bones, here is where they were born and sold millions of cars around the world. Most of all, the story of Henry Ford is something to look into. He is the founder of Ford, which we all know of today.

However, The Henry Ford museum is where all the earliest and sometimes most famous cars are stored and on show. The classic family suburban cars have been polished, waxed and displayed to the public.

The most popular Ford models from the 50s, 60s and 70s are still highly desirable cars in auctions. None of these are for sale though, they’re merely to be appreciated for the very early fame and fortune they gave to Henry Ford. if you look hard enough you might also find the GT40 race car which beat Ferrari at Le Mans. 

Observe pure beauty

You wouldn’t know it but just outside of Detroit, there is one of the best art galleries in the world. Park West Gallery is located in Southfield, Michigan which isn’t that far outside of the city, but it’s well worth the trip. The Founder and CEO Albert Scaglione has spoken at length of the kind of art he wishes to display to the world and is also known as the ‘world’s largest dealer’. Here in the headquarters of the company, you can find some of the finest works of art ever created. Artists current and from the past all get their space on the walls. There are several different styles on show such as impressionist, postmodern, still life, oil paintings and portraits. 

A fresh catch

As mentioned, Detroit is very close to the Canadian border and has access to Lake Huron. So, you can expect to find some great seafood here. One of the places highly reviews is Fishbone’s. They have New Orleans style bar-b-que shrimp, which are prepared in a spicy butter and herb sauce. Served with fresh bread this is a great but hot light meal. They also have jumbo crab cake served with a dijon sweet mustard sauce.

Detroit is often called the second windy city after Chicago. It’s a little cold and grey, but look underneath the surface and you’ll find fine art, amazing food and a history of motoring to be proud of.  

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