Why You Should Gift Books to Your Kids!

It is great to gift books to a child for Christmas, in fact, you’re giving them so much more than a book. I want to point out 7 reasons why I believe that books make wonderful gifts for both children and adults alike.

young girl sitting on a wooden floor surrounded by piles of gift books

A Book Is A Gift For Life

This gift will not just be enjoyable during the holidays, but will also be enjoyed again and again in the years to come. Children love to read the same story over and over, in fact, this is one way that they start to learn to read and recognize words. As we grow into adulthood, we still have the option of going back to our childhood favorites and passing them on to our children. It’s quite common for parents to pass on their childhood stories to their little ones and then them to theirs. A Personalized Birthday Book could be a book that gets pulled out time and time again. 

Books Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

We all remember the loom bands and fidget spinners that we used to play with as kids. We are talking about the gifts from Christmas past; crazes that are now considered passé and boring. One thing that is always appealing about books is that they never go out of style. They will last them years to come, and they may even keep them as keepsakes, especially their favorite bedtime stories or their first long book. Even though technology has got in the way of some bookshelves and tablets are commonly used to read books, there is just something about holding a physical book in your hands. So, give this experience to your children

A Book Helps To Encourages A Life-Long Love Of Reading. 

It is a wonderful gift and one that sends an important message to those who receive it that this is a book to cherish and treasure for a lifetime. This perspective makes it appear that the topic revolves around desire, enjoyment, and excitement instead of being something to do with schoolwork, a necessity, and a duty. If you add a shelf or space to your bookshelf for their books, this will also help them to understand that you are a person who adores books and reading. 

Books Help Children Relax

The Sussex University studied the effect of reading on children’s stress, and they found that it reduced stress levels by 68%. In order to encourage them to relax and take some quiet time for themselves, setting up a small place where they can retreat and read a book is a good way to encourage them to do so. In the case of older children, they may disappear into their quiet space if their favorite story consumes them for several hours at a time. 

Books Help To Build Empathy

As a result of reading, children acquire new knowledge about other places, people, and events than their own. The culture, religion, way of living, and ideas they are exposed to may be different from the norms that they are used to. A book is a great tool to help children gain an understanding of what’s right and wrong as they chart their own moral course.

Books Can Increase Intelligence Later In Life

It is well established that children who begin reading at a young age develop higher levels of intelligence in the future, as well as developing a greater knowledge of the world around them. 

There Are Many Options, You Will Find Many Books That They Love

Children of all ages and interests can find books suited to their interests and needs. They might like computer games, for example. Jokes? What sort of stories do they like? Would they be interested in anything creative? Maybe unicorn stories? What about dragons? What are some interesting facts about unicorns? You have a lot of choices – and it does not mean that you have to confine yourself to fiction.

When you have kids, all those childish things you banished go flying out the window. It’s the holiday season, and your children pile up the newest toys, action figures, plush toys, LEGOs, and other trinkets; it’s time to clean up their toys.

What’s considerably easier to put away than toys and can substitute for them almost anywhere you’d give a gift? Good books! There are so many fabulous children’s books out there, and they can make great gifts for kids of any age – and they can last much longer than (yet another) piece of brightly colored plastic.

As you can see there are many ways reasons to get your kids books as a gift, do you have any other reasons that should be included? Please share them in the comments below. 

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