Why You Should Try Baking Bread at Home

Buying bread at the store can seem like the easiest way to get your carby fix each day. After all, it’s quick, convenient, and it usually doesn’t taste too bad. But, as those of us who developed a baking hobby during the past two years of restrictions can attest, shop-bought alternatives will never be anywhere near as good as a home-baked loaf.

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From the fresh smell of baking bread to the satisfying feeling of having achieved something so fundamental with your own hands, bread baking really is an art, and it needn’t be as difficult to grasp as you’d expect. In fact, with most bread machines taking care of everything for you in as little as 40 minutes, it’s difficult to imagine you could even get to the shops and back in the time that this takes. All you need to do is stock up on strong bread flour, get a good kneading rhythm going, and consider the following reasons why you’ll never look back after starting on your bread baking journey.

Baking Bread at Home

Baking bread to suit your needs

Shops have a whole load of options these days, but no loaf can suit your needs as well as one that you make yourself. This is especially true for individuals with dietary requirements like gluten intolerance. Customization options also make it possible to ensure the ideal loaf to go with your intended meal, like an olive and sundried tomato bread recipe to compliment your quiche and salad dinner, or even an authentic crusty loaf to sit comfortably alongside the best tomato soup recipe you’ve ever tried. In each instance, you’ll never find yourself limited by what’s on the shelves but can instead delve fully into the ideal bread-based pairings for anything you have in the pipeline.

Healthier really can taste better

As with the majority of homemade recipes, bread that you make yourself will inevitably taste better without all of the sugar and preservatives that typical shop-bought loaves have to contend with. Instead, fresh out of the oven, lovingly kneaded bread can be a taste sensation that you’ll never forget. Even better, there are a whole multitude of health benefits on offer as a result of that improved flavor, including increased nutrition, lower sodium content, minimal sugars, and so on.

A sure way to relax

It’s also worth noting that outside of eating-based benefits, making your own bread can be an incredibly meditative experience once you get the hang of the steps, and is a great way to relax whether you prefer to make bread before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning. Without needing to invest in a yoga mat or some expensive evening classes, you can therefore find a way to focus on your wellness with freshly baked results that aren’t going to see you piling on the pounds like cakes or other alternatives might.

The verdict’s in – freshly baked bread is a winner. The question is, are you ready to commit to a lifetime of these benefits? 

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