Winter Self-Care: 4 Ways to Put It First

Winter can be a challenging season if you don’t get your mindset in self-care mode in time for the cold, dark days. Even if you start out well, it can be hard to stay positive after months of cold and low light. Making sure that your body is up for the challenge takes a little preparation and self-love. (A slice of chocolate layer cake in front of a raging fireplace wouldn’t go amiss!) If this sounds like your cup of tea, these tips will help you enjoy a healthy, cozy winter.

Cook Warming Seasonal Food

This may seem an obvious point, but it is worth mentioning because many of us struggle to change our cooking habits with the seasons. Cooking up big batches of warming food is not terribly convenient, especially if you work full time. Many of us continue to cook our favourite summer go-to’s like sandwiches or salads all through the winter, despite the fact that the required ingredients are out of season which makes them more expensive and harder to get.  Of course, packing a cold sandwich to take with you to work is simpler than whipping up an Irish stew, but your cold lunch won’t warm you from the inside-out, and it definitely won’t keep you warm during your chilly commute after 5pm.

Meal Prep

The secret to featuring warming, nourishing lunches on your winter menu is efficient meal-prep. Having lots of space in your fridge or freezer is a great help, as you can cook large batches of soups or stews which can be frozen or kept fresh in Ziplock bags. Your morning prep is as simple as lifting a bag of warming stew or soup out of the freezer, and maybe grabbing some bread to toast at lunchtime. You can do your meal prep weeks or even months ahead of time, or you might even enjoy having a large cook up on a cozy Sunday afternoon. Whenever you get it done, meal prep is definitely worthwhile!

Winter Self-Care

Notice The Early Signs of Illness

The winter can be tough going on the body, even if you begin the cold season feeling completely healthy and fit. It’s crucial to take good care of yourself and attend closely to the little aches and pains that function as your body’s early warning system, showing you what’s up. If you notice the tell tale signs that a flu is coming on (scratchy throat, fever and body aches) now is not the time to go outside and start shoveling snow on your porch.

The Holy Trinity of The Common Cold: Rest, Fluids and Warmth

If you feel a cold coming on, put yourself to bed with a kerosene heater at your feet and get your mits around a warming mug of cocoa. When you feel unwell, remember to drink plenty of fluids, and always try whenever possible to maintain a constant body temperature, as this keeps the fever under control and stops your immune system from having to work too hard. If you manage to catch the symptoms early, you might manage to avoid the full-blown flu and emerge from your cozy den feeling better soon. 

Whether you adore the beautiful winter  landscape or you wish you could jet off to Thailand rather than face the cold, these tips will help you keep warm and healthy

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